Recently-diagnosed  and long term medical conditions as well as  complex,
  debilitating symptoms which require skilled monitoring and health teaching.
  Terminal illness with need for symptomatic control, if  patient is  not yet appropriate for hospice
  Open wounds, ulcers; pressure ulcers or burns. Ostomies and tracheostomy and catheter care, some IV therapy and venipuncture.
  Newly-diagnosed or poorly-controlled diabetes ,hypertension,osteoathritis etc.
  Bed bound patients /family needing some  teaching about independence
  Frequent admissions to the hospital ,due to knowledge deficit.
  Medications requiring monitoring (anticoagulants, antihypertensives, cardiac meds, analgesics, chemotherapeutic agents, etc.)
  Need for exercise to improve ambulation, mobility, independence, safety, circulation or preparation for prosthesis


Guiding Light Healthcare Services, Inc is a family owned and operated home healthcare venture staffed with very experienced professionals. We consider all our patients to be part of our family. We provide services to home bound patients and work very closely with the patient and their family, physicians and pharmacist to enable a well coordinated care system. We are determined to provide holistic care to our patients, with their unique needs being our focus and driving force.



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